Squared Circle Syndication

Aden Chambers internet variety show, SCS covers the landscapes of pro wrestling, pop culture & everything inbetween!!  With lots of guest stars & new exciting segments every episode, SCS can appeal to everyone & provide some laughs along the way!

Coming September 2011


This episode see's the debut of "Angry Video Game Aden",

plus dive head 1st into a triple threat match!!


Special Sidelined Edition!

In this special episode Chambers provides his 1st update since injury in July.  We catalog standout diet options & AC gives thanks


In this episode, see Chambers EHarmony video

& a retro clip from an "audio studio" in 2004


"Bust your Syndication cherries" in the pilot episode!! 

See a moonsault on the invisible man & a video commemorating the great Macho Man Randy Savage featuring Kirby Mack, Caprice Coleman, Matt Hardy & more!!